I am known to most by Melanie, but am referred to often as mom and now Lolly as well.  Born and raised in Connecticut, I moved to Williamsburg in 2007, with my wonderful husband.  Together we have three amazing children and two grandkids, and if you look closely you may just see them in a photo or two! 


I love... love.  I love capturing love.  I love grabbing those silly faces of children and freezing that moment in time.   I love the laughter and silliness that can be seen in a child's sparkling eyes.  I love the candid moments, the unexpected photo.  I love the look of excitement on an expectant mother's face.  I love the look of curiosity on a toddler's expression when exploring something new.  I love the giggles and laughter shared between siblings.  I love.. love.  And I love being able to capture that for families.

I know that when you are looking for a photographer for your family, you are trusting them to be honest, reliable, and safe, and you will absolutely find that with me.  I want you to have long lasting memories that also makes wonderful art on your wall.

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